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    Stephens, N. (2013). Growing meat in laboratories: The promise, ontology and ethical boundary-work of using muscle cells to make food Configurations: A Journal of Literature, Science and Technology. Special issue on 'Animal Biotechnology as a Liberatory Imaginary', Stephens, N & Twine, R (eds) 21(2) p159-83. DOI: 10.1353/con.2013.0013. Publication: under review (in peer-reviewed journals) Gunnarsdóttir, K. and Dijk, N. van (under review). Responsibilizing Interdisciplinarity and Integration in Horizon 2020: Teamwork, Leadership and the 'Sufficient Assessment'. Journal of Responsible Innovation. Draft copy (May 2015). Stephens, N. & Ruivenkamp, M. (under review) Show us the Meat: Promise and Ontological Ambiguity in Images of In Vitro Meat: Science as Culture. Kate O'Riordan, Aristea Fotopoulou and Neil Stephens (under review) The first bite: imaginaries of food, publics and the laboratory grown burger: Public Understanding of Science. Publication: discussion paper Dijk, N. van. and Gunnarsdóttir, K. (2014). Disciplinary orientations and method — Interdisciplinary approximations and distantiations. Documentation report of case study progress. (EPINET Deliverable D2.2, published online, Dec 2014). Gunnarsdóttir, K., Breitegger, M., Dijk, N. van., Fotopoulou, A., Guimarães Pereira, Â., O'Riordan, K., Rommetveit,K. and Vesnic-Alujevic, L. (2014). Tracking biosensors: new-emerging markets in healthcare and self care. In preparation of chapter drafts for a co-authored volume. Draft copy (Jan 2015). Publication: book Gunnarsdóttir, K. and Guimarães-Pereira, Â. (eds) (in preparation). Making sense of wearable care: Markets, mediascapes and the informational person. Palgrave. (The edited volume is inspired by the Epinet case study on wearable sensors. Publication: in preparation (for peer-reviewed journals) Gunnarsdóttir, K. and Wynne, B. (in preparation). The Innovation Union: Versatility amidst ideological lock-ins (based on research for the Epinet and Technolife projects). Rommetveit, R., Gunnarsdóttir, K. and Dijk, N. van. (in preparation). Minding gaps: The makings of robot autonomy through science and law, (based on research, circulated in discussion paper, 2013), Draft copy (Dec 2014). Gunnarsdóttir, K., van Dijk, N. (in preparation). Disciplinarity and value commitments:Interdisciplinary approach to knowledge and innovation assessment (Based on research, circulated in discussion paper, 2013). Draft copy (Feb 2013). Publication: policy reports Tamminen, S. Holmberg, T. De Miguel, I. Port, L & Stephens, N (2014) The challenge of animal bio-objects and starting points for future governance Policy document distributed at the Bio-objects and their Boundaries: Matters at the Intersection of Society, Politics and Science Brussels meeting. Gunnarsdóttir, K. (rapporteur), Dijk, N. van.(2015).Observation and Reflexivity. Responsibilising Interdisciplinarity and Integration. Summary of findings and policy recommendations. WP2 Policy Report, April/May 2015. (EPINET D8.3, published online). Gunnarsdóttir, K. (rapporteur), Dijk, N. van., Fotopoulou, A., Guimarães Pereira, Â., O'Riordan,K., Rommetveit, K. and Vesnic-Alujevic, L. (2015). Gadgets on the move and in stasis. Consumer and medical electronics, what's the difference? Reporting on the case study of wearable sensors. WP3 Policy Report, March/April 2015. (EPINET D8.3-3, published online). Rommetveit, K. (rapporteur), Gunnarsdóttir, K., Dijk, N. van. and Smits, M. (2015) Reporting on the case study of autonomous robots. WP4 Policy Report, March/April 2015 (EPINET D8.3-4, published online) Gunnarsdóttir, K. (rapporteur), (2015), Strand, R., Stephens, N., O'Riordan, K., Fotopoulou, A., Giampietro, M., Kovacic, Z., Zetterling, L. L. and Di Masso Tarditti, M. Reporting on the case study of synthetic meat. WP5 Policy Report, March/April 2015. (EPINET D8.3-5, published online) Organisation of conference (~40 in audience, 8-10 European countries represented) Epinet: International Conference at le Bouche à Oreille in Brussels, 28-29 April 2015. (Gunnarsdóttir, K., co-organiser). Conference programme. This conference was attended by innovators, CSO representatives, policy- makers, STS, ELSi and media scholars. Organisation of workshops (~25 participants, 8-10 European countries represented) The making of robotic autonomy through science and law? Expert consultation and knowledge exchange, involving innovators, industrialists, ethical, sociological and legal experts. Utrecht 16-17 Feb 2014. (Gunnarsdóttir, K., co-organiser). See report. Making sense of wearables: new-emerging markets and mediascapes. Expert consultation and knowledge exchange, involving innovators, industrialists, media analysis, STS and ELSi experts. Brussels, 5 November 2013. (Gunnarsdóttir, K., organiser w/study team). See report. Web sites/Applications http://epinet.no. (Gunnarsdóttir, K., co-editor) http://neicts.lancs.ac.uk/epinet.htm (Gunnarsdóttir, K., editor) Popular press Britain in 2013 Annual magazine of the Economic and Social Research Council: "Super burger: The ethical and social issues of growing and eating in vitro meat" p88-89 includes front cover image, 01/12/2012 Which Conversations website: Test tube to plate - let's start the lab-grown burger debate I Stephens wrote a discussion piece of Which? Consumer magazine website, 25/09/2012 Link. Academic/scientific Presentations (~20 in audience) Stephens, N. (2014) "In Vitro Meat: a sociological perspective" The Ethics of In-Vitro Flesh and Enhanced Animals. Rothbury 18-19th September. Stephens, N. (2014) "Cultured blood and cultured meat: similarities and differences" Industrially Generated Red Blood Cells for Transfusion meeting. Edinburgh 17th September. Stephens, N. O'Riordan, K. & Fotopoulou, A (2013) "The First Bite: Imaginaries of Food, Publics and the Laboratory Grown Burger" Society for the Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting San Diego, 9-12th October. Stephens, N. (2012) "Growing meat from stem cells as 'normal science': managing the marginal and mainstream" Society for the Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting Copenhagen, 17-20th October. Stephens, N. (2012) "Growing meat from stem cells as a radical response to climate change, public health and inequality" British Sociological Association Food Studies group conference British Library London, 2-3rd July. Stephens, N. (2012) "Growing meat in laboratories (not farms): The social construction of stem cell technology as a radical form of environmentally sound agriculture" Joint 2012 Annual Meetings & Conference of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society (AFHVS), Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS), & Society for Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN): Global Gateways and Local Connections: Cities, Agriculture, and the Future of Food Systems New York, 20-24 June. Stephens, N. (2012) "Social Issues and Cultured Meat" Tissue Engineering Muscle: in vitro models and making meat Cardiff, 13th June. Stephens, N. (2012) "Growing meat with stem cells: In vitro meat in context" ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society (Egenis), Exeter University 21st May. Stephens, N. (2012) "Constructing ethical spaces for growing meat from stem cells: promise, risk and animal ethics" joint seminar of the Understanding Risk and Place research centres Cardiff University 5th April. Stephens, N. (2012) "Growing meat in laboratories: ethnography among In Vitro Meat scientists" Ethnography, Culture and Interpretative Analysis Research Group Cardiff University 20th January. Presentations to policy makers Stephens, N. (2015) "Understanding In Vitro Meat" Food Ethics Council Business Forum London, 27th January (20 people). Stephens, N. (2012) "Challenges and opportunities in-vitro meat poses for scientists, regulators and potential consumers" BBSRC Policy, media and public engagement Global Food Security event London Science Museum, 22nd November (40 people). Oral presentations to a wider public audience (10-100 in audience) University of the Third Age, 'Growing Meat from Stem Cells' Cardiff 11/3/14. SciSCREEN Cardiff: Film discussion event following showing of 'Soylent Green' Cardiff 18/6/13. National Space Centre, 'In Vitro Meat' Leicester 10/4/13. National Science & Engineering Week 'Future Food' session, Church Village South Wales. 'In Vitro Meat' 21/3/13. Techniquest Public lecture 'Growing meat from stem cells' organised by the Wales Gene Parc Cardiff 25/10/12. Cathedral School talk, 'In Vitro Meat, growing meat in laboratories from stem cells' Cardiff 20/9/12. Edinburgh Book Festival Debate: Rethinking Food panel discussing in vitro meat and GM food, in the Guardian Spiegeltent 22/08/12. Cardiff Philosophy Cafe Using Stem Cells to make food: Understanding In Vitro Meat The Gate Arts Centre, part of ESRC Festival of Social Science 4/11/11. 'Vampires and Vegetarianism in the 21st Century: In Vitro Meat' Rich Mix arts centre, London, part of ESRC Festival of Social Science 1/11/11. Swansea Science Café 'Using Stem Cells to make food: Understanding In Vitro Meat', The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea 19/10/11. Centre for Genomics in Society Public Lecture 'Growing meat in the lab: a social analysis of an emerging technology', Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 28/6/11. Media interviews: TV / film BBC News 24 Live interview to air 5/8/13. Sky News Live interview to air 5/8/13. BBC Newsround Prerecorded interview 5/8/13. ZDF (Germany) Prerecorded interview 5/8/13. Manoto 1 (Persian language TV station, most watched station in Iran). Prerecorded 25/1/13 YouTube link. Media interviews: Radio / podcasts BBC Radio 2: Simon Mayo show. Live to air interview. 5/8/2013. BBC Radio 5Live: Drivetime. Live to air interview. 5/8/13. Toronto radio In Vitro Meat live 14.35 UK time on AM640 in Toronto, or online, 7th June 2013. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio One: 'The Current' Half hour programme, ~8 minutes with Neil Stephens. Marketplace, American Public Media: (16.8 million listeners, most listened to business radio show in the USA). Link to programme. Los Angeles radio on KPCC: Airtalk, live twenty minute interview. BBC Radio 5 live: 'Science and Farming series' 27/2/13. Repeated in longer edit 3/3/2013. BBC Radio Wales: Live interview to air on the Louise Elliott afternoon show. Ten minute live radio interview on Wales national radio station, 24/1/2013. BBC Radio Wales: Live interview to air on the Jason Mohammad late morning show. Six minute live radio interview on Wales national radio station, 25/10/2012. Ask Science Dude Podcast 31: In Vitro Meat 22/10/2013. Link to podcast. BBC Radio Five Live: Live interview to air to the Drive Time programme Live radio interview on BBC Five Live, 22/02/2012. Newspapers / Magazines / blogs in which quotations from Neil Stephens were used The Kipling Letter: "Lab-grown hamburger meat could be in your supermarket in about 10 years" Interview vol 92(5) 30/1/15. ESRC Schools Resources: "In Vitro Meat and sustainability" Interview, in press due 2015. Speak up Italy: "The Google Burger?" Interview p32 Speak Up July 2014. Speak up Brazil: "The Google Burger?" Interview p32 Speak Up July 2014. Speak up Hungary: "The Google Burger?" Interview p32 Speak Up July 2014. Spotlight Magazine: "In Vitro Meat" Two page interview Spotlight May 2014. New York Times: "Frying Up a Lab-Grown Hamburger" article appeared in print on August 6, 2013, on page D5 of the New York edition. Link to article. Financial Times: "Laboratory-grown burger keeps meat on world's menu" 6/6/2013 Page 1. Link to article. Planeta Magazine: (Brazilian environmental interest publication) interviewed 6/6/2013. New York Times: "Building a $325,000 Burger" Henry Fountain A version of this article appeared in print on May 14, 2013, on page D1 of the New York ed. Link to article. Daily Mail: "'At least it tastes of meat!': World's first test-tube artificial beef 'Googleburger' gets GOOD review as it's eaten for the first time". Link to article. Science Times: "$325,000 Burger: How Did Mark Post Grow A Burger In A Test Tube?" 13/5/2013 Link to article. The Sun online: "Food of the Future" 24/1/2013. Link to article. The Ecologist: "Would you eat lab grown meat" Tom Levitt 3/10/2012. Link to article. China Direct website: "Lab-grown meat: it's better for the planet but will anyone eat it?" Stephens quoted in a feature on In Vitro Meat 26/08/2012. Link to article. CNN News website: "Lab-grown meat gives food for thought" Stephens quoted in a feature on In Vitro Meat, 18/08/2012, Tom Levitt, Stephens interviewed and quoted Link to article. BBC News website: "Future foods: What will we be eating in 20 years' time?" Stephens quoted in an BBC feature on future foods, 30/07/2013, Denise Winterman Link to article. Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Website article by ABC including interview with Stephens 13/02/2012. Link to article.

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