(Transdisciplinary approach to the Emerging CHallenges of NOvel technologies: Lifeworld and Imaginaries in Foresight and Ethics)

  • Summary

    Technolife researchers were looking for ways to turn governance and ethics of science and technology into greater dialogical exercises. The project used new technology and media to promote discussion and dialogue across cultural, administrative and occupational barriers. The concepts, "imagined communities" and "socio-technical imaginaries", were central to the project insofar as groups/communities could be identified in reference to particular uncertainties, future projections and concerns that arise. Central to the execution of the project was an online discussion and deliberation forum to address ethical, social and political issues arising in three technological domains:

    1) Geographical information systems and environmental conflicts

    2) Technologies of body & mind enhancement with focus on
         nanotechnology, biotechnology and cognitive science

    3) Biometrics with focus on surveillance and mobility

  • Cesagen's involvement

    See the WP4 Deliverables webpage: Social imaginaries and ethical issues in deliberative processes.

    The Lancaster partner was mainly responsible for the analysis of discussion and deliberation data (Work Package 4). It focussed on the interactions that took place, including the uses of audiovisual media to encourage discussion and debate, see Deliverable 4.0 - Introduction and Summary of Results.

    Cesagen also contributed to the design of the online forum and co-authored Deliverable 3.1 which deals with many of the design issues.

  • Members of the Cesagen team

    Kristrún Gunnarsdóttir
    Adrian MacKenzie
    Brian Wynne, PI

    Project partners:
    University of Bergen, Norway (coordinator)
    Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
    University of Tartu, Estonia
    Manchester University, United Kingdom
    Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France
    University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Cesagen - Lancaster University, United Kingdom
    European Commission-Joint Research Centre, ISPRA

    Contract No: FP7-230381
    Programme: FP7 Capacities
    Science in Society
    Ethics and new and emerging fields of science and technology
    EU Grant: 809,343 €
    Completed: 30 Nov 2011

    The official Technolife project website.

    The Technolife Final Report

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